Lunch Time

When children arrive in school each morning, their class teacher will take a dinner register where they will record what each child is having for lunch. Children can either have a school meal, their own packed lunch from home or they can be collected and taken home to eat their lunch at home.

From September 2023, all children in primary schools in Wales are eligible for free school meals.

Newport City Council works with a company called Chartwells‘ to provide a nutritious, freshly cooked, affordable meals each day.

Their dinner menu can be downloaded here, and more information can be found on the Chartwell’s website.

If your child is having a school meal, they can choose from six options: a school hot meal (Red choice), a sandwich meal (Blue or Purple choice), a school halal meal (Yellow choice), a school vegetarian meal (Green choice) or a school jacket potato (Orange choice).

Your child will tell their teacher their choice during registration in the morning. Since September 2023, school meals for all primary school pupils are free. 

School kitchens are inspected as part of the national food hygiene ratings system – follow the link and put in our school name or postcode to view the school’s current food hygiene rating.

We encourage parents to ensure that packed lunches are healthy. We have a School Nutrition and Action Group (SNAG) which rewards pupils with the most healthy lunch boxes.

Please do not include nuts in your child’s lunch.  There are a number of children who have an allergy to nuts and even touching a surface on which there have been nuts can cause a serious reaction. This also applies to Nutella spread, but chocolate spread is acceptable (though perhaps not the healthiest option for a sandwich filling!)

If you wish, you can collect your child and take them home for lunch, however, we try to discourage this as lunchtimes provide a valuable opportunity for pupils to mix and develop friendships and social skills. Pupils returning home for lunch should be collected by 11:50am in the Foundation Phase and 12:00pm in KS2. They should return no later than 12:55pm to an Unauthorised Absence mark for the afternoon session.

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