School Development

  • S1: Reading – To continue the emphasis on development of reading throughout the school, with a number of interventions
  • S2: Maths – To revisit and consolidate mental warm-ups at the beginning of a Maths lesson
  • S3: Numeracy – To further develop appropriate opportunities to develop numeracy skills, taught in Maths, across the curriculum
  • S4: Welsh – To embed Y5 and Y6 packs for teaching Welsh and achieve ‘Cymraeg Campus’ Award
  • S5: Welsh – To further increase amount of Welsh being used by teachers and pupils – in lessons and around the school
  • S6: To narrow the gap between eFSM and non-eFSM pupil attainment
  • W1: To introduce the Wellbeing toolkit
  • W2: To become more aware of ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) aware and how to deal with them
  • W3: Attendance – To improve the level of attendance to 94.3%
  • W4: Family and Community Engagement – To maintain high levels of engagement at events
  • T&L 1: MAT – To evaluate provision across school to increase MAT provision
  • T&L 2: Cluster master classes
  • T&L 3: Research projects
  • T&L 4: Continue to embed ELTF as a development tool to maintain high standards of teaching and learning.
  • T&L 5: To ensure 4 purposes are at the heart of all teaching and to continually develop themes  to meet the requirements of the new curriculum and incorporating pupil voice
  • T&L 6:  DCF – Continue to develop pupils’ and teachers’ use of technology across the curriculum.
  • CSG1: To introduce ‘My Concern’ – purchased across the Cluster  
  • CSG2: Safeguarding training
  • CSG3: All staff to receive Team TEACH
  • L1: All staff to continue to take ownership of professional learning
  • L2: To continue to develop school to school working within and beyond the EAS – Digital Pioneer School, Professional Pioneer School, Learning Network school, Green School Peer Review group, cluster schools
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