The Beaufort Centre is one of 22 community centres and halls in the city of Newport, for use by local groups and individuals. They have a wide range of activities for adults and children including fitness classes and after-school clubs. Situated right next-door to St. Julian’s Primary School, it’s in an ideal location for us to use the brilliant facilities they have there. We’re lucky enough to share their sports cage on our rear playground and we’re also grateful to them for regularly allowing us to use their large hall. Being a large primary school of almost 600 pupils, it’s difficult to find a space big enough for us all to meet together. Thankfully, the main hall at the Beaufort Centre is just about large enough to fit us all in, so that’s where we hold our whole-school assemblies. We also use their hall for parent/family workshops, dance performances and our Christmas pantomime.

Many of our children attend the evening clubs and events that take place at the Beaufort Centre and we’re always keen to advertise their sports clubs to help encourage our children to exercise and be healthy. We also take our school choir over to perform at their Christmas Lights ceremony, each year.

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