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In 2015, St. Julian’s Primary School linked with Mr Walyaula and his school, Busiu Primary School in Uganda. In 2015, Mr Mansfield and Mr Prewett (who is now a teacher at Mount. Pleasant Primary School) travelled to Uganda to visit the school to meet the staff and pupils. Mr Walyaula also visited St. Julian’s Primary School the same year and loved exploring Wales.

Since then, we have continued to build strong links with Uganda. Our pupils and teachers exchange letters with Ugandan pupils and teachers and we regularly update each other on our school news. In Uganda, they move their headteachers every five years and Mr Walyaula has now become the headteacher of Namunsi Primary School. Mrs Napokoli has become the headteacher of Busiu Primary School.

In 2017, Mr Mansfield returned to Uganda to visit both schools. We were able to raise over £3000 which we were able to use to buy resources for both schools. We painted classrooms and blackboards, we bought pens, pencils, exercise books, goal posts, sports kits, sports equipment and many other resources.

Our pupils also donated clothes and pencil cases which we were able to give to many pupils in Uganda who couldn’t afford to buy school equipment.

Busiu Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs. L. Napokoli
Deputy Head Teacher: ???
Area: Uganda
Age Range: 3-12
Number of Pupils: 1300
Number of Staff: 20
Average pupils in a class: 30

Namunsi Primary School

Headteacher: Mr. S. Walyaula
Deputy Head Teacher: ???
Area: Uganda
Age Range: 3-12
Number of Pupils: 1200
Number of Staff: 21
Average pupils in a class: 120

St. Julian’s Primary School

Headteacher: Mr. D. Rees
Deputy Head Teacher: Mr. Mansfield & Mrs. Orford
Area: Newport, Wales
Age Range: 3-11
Number of Pupils: 701
Number of Staff: 63
Average pupils in a class: 30

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