St. Julian’s High School is the main comprehensive school that the majority of our Year 6 pupils feed into. We work very closely with them to ensure that the transition process is as smooth as possible. Throughout the year, we carry out various activities involving staff and pupils from St. Julian’s High School. As well as the various transition days and activities that take place, staff and pupils often come over to visit us. Mr Edwards, their music teacher, often brings his students over to perform to us, which our children always thoroughly enjoy. Mr Jones, their PE Teacher also regularly visits to team-teach PE lessons with our teachers. Not only does this help pupils to develop their PE skills, but it also provides an opportunity for them to become familiar with some of the staff, long before they move to the comprehensive school.

We also like to keep in touch with Staff at St. Julian’s High School, to find out how our past-pupils are getting on. It’s always great to hear about their achievements and we always look forward to attending their RoA ceremony at the end of each year.

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