Digital Leaders to University of South Wales

We are so proud of some of our Digital Leaders this evening! We were asked to go and present to masters students at the University of South Wales, all about Digital Learning. Straight after school, we drove to the City Campus and met Dr. Haywood in the entrance. She took us up to meet Dr. Shirley Egley and then took us to the Boardroom and gave us some sandwiches, crisps and drinks.

Mrs Prescott then interviewed us about e-safety and social media for some research she is carrying out. After, we went up to the lecture room to get our presentations ready and equipment set up.

Dr. Haywood introduced us and then we talked about some of the work that we’ve been doing at St. Julian’s Primary School. The three Digital Leaders were absolutely superb and the students and other lecturers were really impressed with their work!

We are so proud of our excellent pupils!

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