Following on from our recent flash-mob video for Mrs Gabica, ITV contacted us to ask if they could come in to film…again! They’re making a television programme called ‘Unbelievable Moments Caught on Camera’ and they wanted to include our video in their show! The producer and cameraman arrived early this morning with lots of equipment, ready to meet some of our flash-mob stars! Corey, Aisha, Billy and Evie were chosen to be interviewed and did an AMAZING job of answering Producer Aaron’s questions! They were asked how they felt when they were dancing around the playground and reflected on their favourite memories of Mrs Gabica – or ‘Mrs Gabrica’ as Aaron kept saying! (Corey and Billy soon put him right though!)

Miss Butcher, Miss Browne, Mr Prewett and Mr Mansfield were also interviewed  (but were nowhere near as good as the children!!). 

The show is due to be aired on ITV sometime in January. We’ll keep you posted!

Here’s what they had to say after being interviewed


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