Nursery Autumn A Update


This term we have been celebrating how wonderful we are through our theme ‘Marvellous Me!’ We have been celebrating our similarities and differences while settling into nursery. The pupils have learned how to make friends, learned how to share, and how to care for everyone in our Nursery family. The Nursery team feel so proud of the way the pupils have settled in!

As well as getting used to new people and routines we have also been learning about our bodies! The children have learned to name body parts through songs and rhymes as well as learning what their bodies can do through physical activities. Pupils have explored what it means to be healthy such as creating ‘pretend’ healthy meals using lots of fruit and vegetables. Pupils have also been learning to read and write some of the letters in their names. They have also been learning to name facial features by making funny faces using natural objects such as conkers, cones and leaves! The children really enjoyed measuring and comparing the length of each other using wooden blocks. A huge part of our theme has been about learning to become more independent in self-care. The children have become amazing at washing their hands independently, as well as choosing resources and equipment by themselves. We are so pleased with the progress they are making with putting on their own coats. Most of the children can do this now which is fantastic! Young children love to be independent and it is so wonderful to see their happy faces when they achieve great things, and to watch their confidence grow day by day!

We thoroughly enjoyed our harvest celebrations! We loved singing our ‘Dingle, Dangle Scarecrow’ song! We also learned the names of lots of new vegetables through our story ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ and the children promised Mrs. Gough that they were going to try to eat lots of vegetables at home just like Oliver did in the story.

We are so lucky to have such a beautiful garden. The children have been able to explore the changing seasons through the amazing colours in our garden. We have so many beautiful trees covered in leaves of all sorts of shapes and colours. We have been using them to make leaf crowns and nests for the woodland animals to hibernate in over the winter. What a busy term it has been and what a fabulous Nursery family we have!

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