Reception Sports Day

This afternoon was exciting for our Reception children, as it was our annual Reception Sports Day! The sun was shining (for most of the afternoon!), the sky was blue and the reception children were ready to run! Mr Rees welcomed the parents and grand parents, and then the races began. All children got to take part in: the running race, bean bag race, quoit race and egg and spoon race. The egg and spoon race is always a favourite and so by popular demand, we let the adults (who were way more competitive than the children!!!) have a go, too! A big ‘well done’ to Cerys’ mum who won one of the races (and was one of the only parents who didn’t cheat!) All the children were really well behaved and had a lovely afternoon. Thankyou to all the parents who came out to support the children. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Photo 12-05-2015 14 16 06 Photo 12-05-2015 14 17 12 Photo 12-05-2015 14 22 22 Photo 12-05-2015 14 22 29


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