Reception Spring A Update

What a fantastic half term we have had learning all about the farm! We have been so busy. 

We had lots of fun learning about what farm animals eat. We went on a hunt around the school grounds to find signs of any farm animals. We spotted some hay and vegetables and used our knowledge to work out which animals had visited.

We especially enjoyed our week of ‘eggsperiments’. We watched carefully as eggs became fried, scrambled and boiled. We also did a very exciting bouncy egg experiment. We put an egg in vinegar and were amazed to see that it had become ‘bouncy’ the very next day. We also learned just how fragile eggs are, as we became friends with an egg for the day. We gave them a name and a face and took them out to play with us! Unfortunately, not all of them came back in one piece.

To celebrate Children’s Mental Health week, we visited the residents in Glyn Anwen. We took over some paper and colouring pencils and drew portraits of the residents and they drew portraits of us. They were very impressed with our artistic skills.

To finish this very busy half term, we celebrated pancake day (a bit early but we loved learning about it with our friends). We have also been preparing for the Eisteddfod which will be held after half term. We have tried really hard to learn some country dances and have loved learning all about Wales.

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