Reception Spring A Update

What fun we have had a fabulous time learning about the farm! It was so much fun finding out what farm animals eat, and it was really funny when we learned how to identify farm animal poo!

We loved having Mrs. Rue’s rabbit ‘Ralphie’ in our classes for the day. We really did learn about the responsibility of caring for a living creature and how important animal welfare is. It was also fantastic to snuggle Ralphie, it made us feel so happy!

It was so exciting growing food. We learned about what plants need to grow by doing our cress experiment. We also grew garlic which we used to make garlic bread! We made real butter from scratch and used it to make the garlic bread. It was absolutely delicious! It wasn’t just the pupils that were excited by the success of the homemade butter, the teachers were amazed too! 

We developed our geographical knowledge by learning about farming in other countries. We focused on banana farming in Columbia, learning about how are grown to how they travel a long way to our supermarket shelves. We also learned about the importance of Fairtrade in an ethical world. 

We even looked at the history of farming by exploring the history of tractors from using horses to modern-day machines.

Farming has been such fun but surprisingly hard work too! 

Now, if Mr. Mansfield would just let us keep a cow…

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