Year 1 Autumn B Update

Year 1 have had a fantastic term learning about their topic Truly Scrumptious! Throughout the term, we have been learning all about food and have been following sets of instructions to make delicious recipes.

We started off the term by reading the story of Supertato. We were shocked to come into school one day to see crime scenes in our classrooms! After studying the crime scene and looking for clues, we decided that it must have been the Evil Pea who was up to no good! Year 1 worked well to create wanted posters to help search for the Evil Pea. Through Science & Technology, we experimented in finding the best way to melt ice after finding some vegetables trapped in ice blocks in the freezer! We also used an app called Chatterpix to animate our own Supertato models. Luckily we caught the Evil Pea at the end of the fortnight and put an end to all of his troublemaking.

Our next story of the term was The Gingerbread Man. We had so much fun reading this story and baking our own gingerbread biscuits. We carefully followed the recipe and measured the correct amount of each ingredient. We all had a go at rolling the dough and cutting out the biscuits. After baking our delicious treats, we planned which toppings we were going to use to decorate our cookies and how much this would cost. They looked fantastic before everyone enjoyed gobbling them up! In Humanities, we looked at various locations across the United Kingdom after receiving postcards from The Gingerbread Man after he ran away from school. Everyone worked very well to mark these on the map. In Expressive Arts, we designed and decorated some beautiful gingerbread houses with decorations and different shapes.

Our final book of the term has been Stone Soup. All the classes followed a set of instructions to make vegetable soup. Every child had a go at cutting, chopping or peeling the vegetables! The children enjoyed this so much and lots of them even had a second helping of the soup! We then practised writing a set of instructions with interesting bossy verbs.

Among all of the delicious food we have been exploring, we celebrated Wales qualifying to play in the Men’s Football World Cup 2022! We loved dressing in red and watching their match against Iran in November (even though it wasn’t the result we hoped for!).

Towards the end of term, Year 1 put on a spectacular show for the grown ups in their family and performed their very first in-person Christmas concert! The children practised their songs and lines so well and we were all so proud when the concert went off without a hitch! Da iawn pawb! 

We hope you all have a safe and restful holiday. Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!

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