Year 2’s trip to Cardiff Museum

Year 2 had a fantastic time at Cardiff museum. We revisited every topic that we have studied this year. We took a fabulous journey through time and space and saw a range of meteorites and moon rock.

Then we went into the bird section and looked at the scene from Pembrokeshire, of a range of seabirds from Puffins and gulls to Gannets and Guillemots.

The children were so excited to visit the dinosaur section because we have been learning lots about dinosaurs this half term. We saw loads of different fossils and dinosaur bones. The thigh bone of a Tyrannosaurs Rex was huge! It was taller than us! Then when we looked up we could see the head of a Tyrannosaurus Rex above us. We had a very interesting workshop from Liam called ‘Sounds of the dinosaurs.’ We imagined what noises dinosaurs may have made, handled real dinosaur bones and took part in a lively, sound-based story about a forest at the time of the dinosaurs. Liam was very impressed with our knowledge already but we also learnt so much more about dinosaurs to add to our topic board in school. We had a wonderful day!

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