Year 3 Autumn A Update

Year 3 have had an exciting half-term settling into life in the Key-Stage 2 building, with the children adapting really well to many changes in routine. We are all feeling extremely proud of the way in which they have shown great resilience in these strange times.

Our first theme of the year has been Rocks, Relics and Rumbles which has incorporated finding out about life in Roman times, different types of rock and an introduction to volcanoes. The eruption of Mount Vesuvius, which led to the city of Pompeii being buried in volcanic ash, fascinated the children and led to some excellent creative writing and spectacular paintings. This natural disaster from AD 79 leads us smoothly into the next half term’s theme of Natural Disasters- and a continuation of the Rumbles theme.

Although due to current restrictions, the children have not been able to go on a visit to the Roman remains at Caerleon, we have still learnt lots about day to day life at Caerleon and thoroughly enjoyed making our own shields and creating rousing battle cries.

We have also been super Roman carpenters and have put our measuring and woodwork skills to the test to make Roman-style catapults – we can’t wait to test them out after half-term!.

Once again, we have been lucky enough to be taking part in the Spring Bulbs for Schools investigation organised by the National Museum of Wales. We will have planted our daffodil and crocus bulbs before half term and in the following weeks and months, we will be collecting weather data daily to submit on a weekly basis. We are looking forward to seeing whose bulbs will be the first to flower.

A regular visitor to our school in the past has been Janice from Gateway Rugby and we are really pleased that once again, she has been visiting on a fortnightly basis, to teach Rugby skills to the children in Year 3. The sessions take place outside and there is no physical contact so everyone is safe! This term Mrs Evans’s class has been taking part in the sessions, but Miss Hodges and Miss Millett will be having their turns in the Spring and Summer terms.

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