Year 5 Spring A

What a fun packed, busy term we have had in Year 5! This term, our topic has been ‘Secrets of the Deep’ and we have had lots of fun exploring the different wonders of the ocean. We began by learning all about the different continents and oceans of the world, the continent song (which can be found on YouTube) is now a firm favourite in the year 5 classrooms! Following this, we learnt all about the different marine wonders of the world, we researched facts about the Great Barrier Reef, Mariana Trench, The Red Sea and many more and used the information to create infographics! We were particularly interested in the idea of being able to float on The Red Sea which led to us carrying out a floatation investigation with an egg, some water and salt! We looked closely at the different layers of the ocean, learning all about the different animals that can be found in each layer. We have really enjoyed exploring the different animals of the ocean and we clearly have some animal fanatics in year 5!

We have spent some time exploring computer programming on scratch this term, where we created our own game whilst also learning about plastic pollution in the ocean! Following on from this, we followed instructions set by Miss Shepherd to help us create our own ‘shark attack’ and ‘chase’ games. The instructions for these are all on Google Classroom if you would like to have a go at these again at home.

In English this term, we looked into the Titanic disaster and we were very impressed to hear lots of facts that the children already knew. It was kicked started with an online, interactive session from Southampton University with a Titanic expert who knew everything about the disaster! We had some really interesting discussions surrounding this. After looking at survivor statements and facts and figures, we created our own newspaper articles all about the disaster. Children also used their math and ICT skills to create a database looking at the number of survivors who made it onto the lifeboats. They were able to use formulas on Google Sheets to calculate the percentage of people on each of the boats. This information really shocked and moved the children.

Children have also enjoyed working in their various Senedd groups this term. Children have been working on presenting their ideas to the whole school in their department assemblies. We are looking forward to more of these after half term. We have been blown away with their ideas already and can’t wait to see what they come up with in the future.

This week we enjoyed a visit and spending time with the residents of Glyn Anwen. Children had a lovely afternoon with the residents and together we played TABOO then chatted about Valentine’s Day, raising money for our defibrillator, rugby, volleyball and learned a little about the resident’s family members.

Children have enjoyed music sessions with Mr. Banks, using the keyboards to learn about major and minor sounds and they even learnt to play the Titanic theme tune. Da iawn!

This week we have been busy preparing for St. David’s Day on March 1st. Children have written wonderful stories and sketched a Davy Lamp and much more! We hope you all have a wonderful February half term break and we are looking forward to continuing with our Secrets of the Deep theme after the holidays!

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