Chartist March 2015

Today, Y5HC took part in the Chartist March with Mrs Orford, Mrs Cooke and Mrs Thomas. We started from Stow Hill cathedral by the park, then we marched all the way to the Westgate Hotel. Whilst we were marching, we had to chant some words which were ‘Land owners sit and gloat give us the right to vote’. We enjoyed it a lot. The most exciting part was shouting our lines as we marched and then we performed a poem in the town centre. There were about about 5 schools taking part altogether. At the end of the march, the man who was in charge said how important the Chartist march was to remember the people that died in 1839. The weather was very wet when we started, but wasn’t too bad when we were marching. We all had a great time!

Blog written by Ajay

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