Children In Need – Non-Uniform & Crazy Hair

Well if this doesn’t put a smile on your face in the middle of a pandemic, I don’t know what will! For Children in Need day, we wanted to do something to make everyone smile and our Crazy Hair Day 2020 did not disappoint! I absolutely loved standing on the front playground this morning to see all of the colours and creativity on pupils’ heads!

We had all kinds of colours, glitter, balloons attached to pigtails, lego surfer-men surfing on blue quiffs, pipe-cleaner rainbows, Coke bottles and even a Costa cup with a doughnut! A huge thank you to parents for making such a great effort – (and I am so impressed with your hair skills!) One child told me that she had got out of bed at 5 o’clock this morning to start working on her hair creation with her mum and another year 5 child shaved the entire top of his head! That’s dedication!

I, myself, wen’t for a lovely little blonde style… some children just pointed and laughed and others thought Boris Johnson had come to visit the school for the day… not quite the reaction I had in mind. Nevertheless, one child told me I looked much better blonde, so I may make it a permanent thing!

Of course, as well as making everyone smile, the whole point of Children in Need day is to raise money for children around the country in need of support and I’m delighted to announce that due to all of your efforts and generosity, we made a grand total of… £517! We will send that money across to BBC Children In Need and hopefully, you will see our school name scroll across the TV this evening!

We tried to capture as many photos as we could but we didn’t quite manage to get them all (we’re really sorry if we missed yours!) Enjoy this little selection of SJPS Crazy Hair. Absolutely love our children and their smiles in this…

Or scroll through some of the highlights here…

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