Criw Cymraeg Autumn A update


Croeso i Criw Cymraeg! We’re the department within in our school responsible for raising passion and enthusiasm for our language and culture and for supporting our school and community with learning Welsh. Meet our team!


Vice Chair-Saffir


Vice secretary – Miley  

We try to meet up every two weeks but sometimes it is once a month because we have other things going on in school. In our meetings we talk about our Cynefin (Welshness).

We celebrate Cynefin by speaking our own language, learning about welsh myths and helping our friends to be confident and passionate about our country.  We do welsh phrases every week in assembly and this is called Brawddeg yr wythnos.  In these assemblies we teach our whole school useful welsh phrases.

Leeks and daffodils are our symbols of Wales.  We wear badges of daffodils and leeks to support our country.  We have two main languages in the UK and not many places have this.

 Gan Josh ac Felicity

Our department teaches us how to speak Welsh and how to help our peers learn Welsh. In our Brawddeg yr Wythnos assemblies we look at our placemat to do welsh questions in and then teach them welsh questions using the beach ball.

Gan Aiyla-Rae ac Hunter

Useful welsh apps

Why not have a look at some useful Welsh apps online to help you and your family learn Welsh? Here’s a list we put together.

  • Duolingo                                                                              
  • Byd cyw
  • Cymraeg for kids app
  • hapus1 , hapus2
  • Welsh trainer education 
  • Welsh dictionary
  • Magi ann 

 Gan Ciya, Millie, Summer

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