As St. David’s Day falls during the half-term break this year, we held our annual Eisteddfod today. The four houses, Llewellyn, Caradog, Glyndwr and Hywel Dda competed throughout the day to be the winning house of 2019.

Pupils from Year 3 – Year 6 were brought together in the junior hall for celebrations and singing throughout the day. Pupils from Year 2 joined them for the morning and pupils from Nursery, Reception and Year 1 came to perform Welsh songs to the older pupils. During the afternoon, the Foundation Phase held a mini Eisteddfod in the Foundation Phase hall.

The competitions were: Handwriting, Recitation, Art, Design and Technology, Dance, Singing, Instrumentalists, Story and Y6 Poetry. Pupils were awarded one point for their house for each of these competitions entered. 10 points are awarded for entering the Design and Technology competition.

The day was live streamed by our Digital Leaders and we heard from lots of parents who were sat at home enjoying the day with us. Thank you to those of you who tuned in; we had the most viewers we’ve ever had with over 100 people watching live at one point and many more watching on catch-up later in the evening. 

We had a great day and it was wonderful to celebrate the life of St. David, celebrate being Welsh and also celebrate the talented pupils we have at St. Julian’s Primary. Well done to everyone involved and thank you to all staff for giving up their time to judge competitions and organise the event. 

Final scores:

  1. Llywelyn – 1303
  2. Glyndwr – 1259
  3. Hywel Dda – 1182
  4. Caradog – 1178

You can enjoy browsing through some of the photographs, or head over to our YouTube channel to watch the live-stream from the day.

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