Eisteddfod Coming Up

Our annual Eisteddfod is coming up (on the 27th February) and we’re getting really excited!! Here’s all you need to know…

  • Children from Years 2-6 will celebrate the day together in the school hall. Children from Nursery – Year 1 will celebrate by doing lots of Welsh activities and will also have some performances from the older children, throughout the day.
  • The full event will be live-streamed for parents via our school website, so you can sit back and relax watching the celebrations from the comfort of your own home
  • Children from Y2-6 will enter art, handwriting and story writing competitions. Y6 will write and submit a poem instead of a story, to compete of the position of The 2015 Baard.
  • Children will have the option of competing in the Musical Instrument, Singing, Recitation and Dance competitions. Auditions will be held for each of these competitions, during the first week back after half term

Design and Technology Competition

  • Back by popular demand, the Design and Technology competition will also take place, and we encourage pupils and parents to work together on their project, over half term.
    • Year 2 – design and make a Welsh Themed Hat
    • Year 3 – design and make a Welsh Dragon with moving parts
    • Year 4 – design and make a Welsh Castle with drawbridge and portcullis
    • Year 5 – design and make a working coal mine shaft, with pit wheel
    • Year 6 – design and make a moving model of the Newport Transporter bridge
      • Entries can be made out of whatever materials you can find and will be judged on… –Strength of the finished structure, –Mobility and flexibility of moving parts,  –Quality of the finished product & –Creativity
      • Closing date is 9:30am on the 25th February.


If you would like to practise the recitation over half term, here they are… (extra points will be given for actions, expression and pronunciation)

Year 3&4 –


Pacio, pacio, pacio,

Gwyliau haf, HWRE!!!!

Dillad nofio,

Trosus disgo

Snorcel dwr a sbectol haul cwl!!


Pacio, pacio, pacio,

Rhedeg gyda’r ces,

Mynd i ddal awyren,

Cen gorwedd yny gwres – ie!

English translation – you do not have to learn this…

Packing, packing, packing,

Summer holiday, Hooray!!!!

Swimming clothes,

Disco trousers,

Water snorkel and cool sunglasses.


Packing, packing, packing,

Running with my case,

Off to catch the aeroplane,

Off to a sunny place! – Yeah!

Year 5


Dw i eisiau mynd i ysgol

Dw i eisiau mynd i ysgol,

Mae’n swnio fel lle gret!

Dw i eisiau mynd i ysgol

Fel Iwan Llwyd fy met.


Ond dyma ‘niwrnod cyntaf

A minnau’n holi pam

Ro’n eisiau dod i ysgol:

Plis ga i fynd nol at Mam?

English translation – you do not have to learn this…

I want to go to school

It sounds like a great place!

I want to go to school

with Iwan Llwyd my mate.


But here I am on my first day

And i’m asking the question why

I’d want to come to school

Please can I go back to Mum?

Year 6

Parti Harti

Jam a jeli,

Ham a bisgedi,

Past samon crystiau,

Diod lemon, cacennau,

A brechdanau, brechdanau, brechdanau.

Balwnau a lliwiau,

Hetiau rhyfedd, rubanau,

Gemau a neidio,

Chwarae’n wirion ac actio

A brechdanau, brechdanau, brechdanau.

Parti Harti


O, mam, rydw i’n sal

English Translation – You do not have to learn this…

Jam and Jelly,

Ham and biscuits

Salmon paste crusts

lemonade and cakes

and sandwiches, sandwiches, sandwiches.


Colourful balloons,

funny hats, ribbons

Silly games and acting

and sandwiches, sandwiches, sandwiches

Harty party,


Oh mum, I feel sick!

Singing (All Year Groups)


Mae bys Meri Ann wedi brifo

A Dafydd y gwas ddim yn iach,

Mae’r baban yn y crud yn crio,

A’r gath wedi sgrapo Joni bach.


Sosban fach yn berwi ar y tan,

Sosban fawr yn berwi ar y llawr

A’r gath wedi sgrapo Joni bach.

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