Today, our Digital Leaders planned and held a Family workshop to share with their relatives all of the fantastic work they have completed this year! A few weeks ago, the Digital Leaders received training from Digital Communities Wales. Digital Communities Wales is the Welsh Government’s Digital Inclusion Project; working with organisations across Wales to help people access and use the internet as well as other digital technologies. They work schools and Digital Leaders, to train them in providing their own digital training for the local community. Once the Digital Leaders had their training they had to plan who they would like to reach out to in the community and provide training for. We decided, first and foremost to start with our families as this was a way to showcase the work we have been completing this year whilst training our relatives in a variety of digital skills.

The Digital Leaders invited Parents, Grandparents, Siblings, Aunts and Uncles and were really excited to work with them! We had a fantastic turnout of relatives all wanting to see our work and learn some new skills! The Digital Leaders gave a mini-presentation about all of the exciting opportunities and activities they had completed this year and then it was over to the families! We quizzed them on digital vocabulary and identified some common digital symbols!

The Digital Leaders then told their families about the importance of safe passwords and how to make passwords as secure as possible! Some really great tips to help everyone stay safe online!  Coding is something our Digital Leaders excel at, so they couldn’t wait to show their families their creations on Scratch and also teach them a thing or two! We were surprised at how quickly our families picked up the skills! Everyone was making their sprites move, change colour and whirl in no time!  

As part of our themes, we use Google Expeditions and Virtual Reality to help us visit and learn about a huge variety of places! We took our families on a tour of the Coral reef and even went on a visit to the Moon! There was lots of excitement as our families shared this experience together.

We can’t wait to hold another Family Digital workshop and share more of our Digital learning and skills with our families and the community! As a result of our workshop we have become Digital Heroes and will get certificates and badges from Digital Communities Wales. We hope to keep up the good work and help the residents of Glyn Anwen with their Digital skills.

A big thank you to all of our families who attended, we hope you enjoyed it. Look out for more events in the next academic year! Well done Digital Leaders!

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