Family Learning Together Day 2015

We’ve had a fantastic day, today! Early this morning, we took over the Beaufort Centre and set up lots of different learning stations around the hall. At 9:30am, we opened the doors to Nursery and Reception children and parents, who flooded in ready to ‘learn together, hand in hand’. Upon arrival, parents and children were given a ‘Learning Passport’, which had a list of all the different activities. As they completed each activity, they would collect a sticker from each station. Once they had collected all the stickers, they could be entered for a raffle prize draw.

The activities were organised and arranged by the Foundation Phase teachers. Among them were: ‘Create a clay bird feeder, with Barefoot Ceramics’, ‘Order the numbers on the peg’s and attach them to your dinosaur’, ‘Draw letters/practise reading on the iPads, supported by our Digital Leaders’, ‘Make Music with Gwent Music’, ‘Dance with Rubicon Dance’, ‘Make finger Puppets with Mrs Lee’, ‘Create a Penguin Clock to tell the time’, ‘Bracelet making’, and lots more! ‘Jenny Any Dots’ and her Punch and Judy puppets returned again this year and were a big hit with the children, who enjoyed laughing at the show. Children were also able to collect free fruit and water bottles, provided by the school, throughout the day. As every year, Miss Morgan and her Nursery team managed to cover every inch of the hall floor in glitter and glue, which Mr Mansfield thoroughly enjoyed sweeping and hoovering up until late into the evening!

In the afternoon, it was the turn of the Year 1 and Year 2 pupils, who also thoroughly enjoyed their time in the hall.

This is the third annual ‘Family Learning Together Day’ we’ve held and each year, we always receive lots of positive comments from parents, thanking us for hosting such a wonderful day. Mrs Gough, our Foundation Phase leader, is responsible for organising and coordinating the event, which aims to involve parents in their children’s education, provide ideas to support learning at home and build links between home and school.

We’re grateful to Mrs Gough and her fantastic Foundation Phase Team of Teachers and Teaching Assistants!

Thank you to all who attended! We hope you enjoyed yourselves and took home lots of amazing ideas for learning.

You can view the photos from the day, here.

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