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Learning doesn’t just happen when you’re sat in school in front of a teacher; it can happen any time anywhere! In fact, children spend far more time out of school than they do in school so it is really important that both school and parents work together to provide a wide range of learning opportunities and experiences for children as they grow and develop.

Practical ‘authentic’ learning opportunities are often the best way to learn. For example, you can teach a child to add using a pen and paper but if they’re actually adding up the cost of items they want to buy in a shop, they understand the purpose, see a need for that skill and link their learning to a practical situation which helps them to remember and that skill in the future and know when to apply it. Similarly, you can teach a child to measure weight, length or capacity using a text book but if they are actually using those skills in a practical situation for a purpose such as baking, they will be able to apply their learning to a real-life context (and will probably enjoy it more, too!)

Whether you’re driving along a road, going shopping, cooking, carrying out house work… there will always be valuable opportunities that you can use to help your child learn something new.


At St Julian’s Primary, we use our Super Learning Powers to equip children with a range of skills to become independent learners for the rest of their lives. There will come a time when they eventually finish school but that doesn’t mean they finish learning!

Technology is a great tool which helps learners to be independent and take control over the:

time – when they learn
place – where they learn
pace – at which they learn
path – what they learn.

We provide a range of digital tools to help children with their learning which they can access both inside and outside of school.

Great Fire of London

The Gunpowder Plot

The Titanic

Victorians & Industrial Revolution

The Tudors

The Normans

The Vikings

The Saxons

The Romans

The Celts Menu

World War 2


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