Lego Transition Project

So we’re starting to approach the end of the school year, which means that the Year 2s are getting ready to become Year 3s. To help them prepare for the big move to the other side of the school, Mr Woolley and Mr Prewett have been running a Lego transition project between their two classes. This week, Mr Prewett took his Y2 pupils up to Mr Woolley’s Y4 class. They paired the Y2 and Y4 pupils together and  then set them the challenge of creating a lego movie.

The pupils collaborated together to build their characters out of Lego and then used iPads to create a stop-motion movie. All the pupils thoroughly enjoyed the first session and can’t wait to complete their movie.

As well as teaching the children some great skills, the project is taking place to allow the Y2 pupils to make friends with older pupils in the school, to make the transition from Y2 to Y3, less daunting. It also gives an opportunity for the Y2 pupils to get to know the Ks2 teachers before September.

This is just one of the transition projects that will take place before the end of the academic year.

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