Newport Extravaganza

The 22nd annual Christmas Extravaganza takes place at the Newport Centre tonight, and pupils from St. Julian’s Primary School are part of the show! The Christmas Extravaganza is organised by Gwent Music Support Service in conjunction with St. Woolos Newport Rotary Club and Newport City Council.

We’ve just arrived at the Newport Centre for the afternoon rehearsal and the children are full of energy and sounding fantastic! Miss Timms, the choir leader, has been visiting each of the schools every week to teach the children the songs, and today, all the schools came together for the first time. The sound is amazing! Our friends from High Cross Primary, Maesglas Primary and Clytha Primary are here, too!

Everything from Christmas Music, old familiar favourites to contemporary pieces will be incorporated into the programme for the entertainment of the audience. Groups performing on the evening will include:-

• The Isca Linea Symphonia

• The Greater Gwent Schools Brass Band

• The Combined Newport Primary Schools Choir

• The Newport Music Centre Senior Wind Band

• The Newport City Big Band

Here’s a sneak peak of the rehearsal…


We’re really looking forward to concert this evening and will let you know how it goes!






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