Y6LPM ‘The Piano’ Literacy

Here at St. Julian’s Primary, we’re always looking for ways to enthuse and engage our pupils, particularly in Literacy lessons. We were asked, some time ago, to write a case study for Estyn, showing how we make use of ‘Green Screen’ technology to engage our pupils. Last week, Mr Mansfield showed his class a video clip (The Piano – by Aidan Gibbons) during a lessonThe video depicts an elderly gentleman sat playing the piano. As he plays, he recalls memories from his past. After some questioning about the clip and some role-play, pupils were asked to write a narrative describing the events and memories, seen in the clip.

All children were completely engaged and produced some outstanding writing. It didn’t end there though, because they were then able to use a green screen to record themselves reading their narratives, and layered themselves in front of Gibbons’ original video clip.

See one of our videos below, or read some of the fantastic work produced, in our Work Wall of Fame.

*We’re grateful to Aidan Gibbons for producing such a fantastic animation and thoroughly recommend it to other schools, as a stimulus for writing

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