Nursery Sports Day 2015

We had such a brilliant day for our Nursery sports day. We were so lucky with the warm weather and the sun shone on our garden all day long.

The children have been practising their races for the last few weeks and it really showed, they all worked so hard running, balancing the quoit, using the egg and spoon and jumping along for the sack race. Every child tried their very best and showed pride when finishing all the races. We had a huge turnout of over 90 people for the morning races and over 80 for afternoon nursery. We even had grandparents travel all the way from Spain to watch their granddaughter on such a special day!

The crowd clapped and encouraged all the way through and the children were thrilled when the adults took part in the mums, dads, grandparents and family races. One mum suggested next year we should host the Olympics!! We even had a toddler race, where all the future nursery little brothers and sisters ran a race too.

The children were so excited that Mr Rees gave out certificates, stickers and medals and could not wait to pose for photos showing their mums and dads how well they had done. The children all behaved excellently and we had an absolutely gorgeous day in Nursery. Can’t wait to do it all again next year!!

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