Nursery Spring A Update

We have had a wonderful start to 2024! Firstly we welcomed our new friends into nursery and we have been learning all about Wonderful Winter! We know that in winter, it can be cold so we need to dress in our warm clothes. We know about the different weather that we might experience in winter, such as frost, wind, rain and maybe even some snow! As it has been windy, we thought we could make some kites to fly in the wind! We have been learning about water and what happens when it is so cold outside, we now know that the water turns into ice! It has been lovely to explore our outdoor classroom and notice the changes from autumn to winter. The children noticed that there were no leaves on the trees, and that all the colourful leaves have turned brown. The children noticed the frost on the grass and the ice in the tyres. We talked about the birds not having much food because it is so cold, we decided we would make a bird feeder and get some food for them. We were so lucky to have year 6 show us how to use our new Lego coding kits, we can’t wait to explore these some more next half term. We have seen out daffodils start to sprout, and some snowdrops so we know that spring is on the way! We are so excited for next half term and learning all about Spring Surprises!

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