Pupil Participation Network Event

This afternoon, the second annual ‘Pupil Participation’ event was hosted at St. Julian’s Primary School. Alongside St. Julian’s Primary pupils, we welcomed pupils from Glan Usk, Glasllwch and Mount Pleasant primary schools.

Glan Usk presented first. The children spoke about how they wanted to improve behaviour on the yards during break times and lunch times. They have completed questionnaires and asked midday supervisors their views. They displayed their data in graphs. One idea they have taken on board is to include reading books in their gazebo area.

Secondly, Glasllwch took centre stage. Glasllwch presented their findings using Prezi presentation. They explained how they had reached the South East finals for the Enterprise project. They showed us a detailed video of how they incorporated healthy eating into their school.
Next, Mount Pleasant stood up. Nine pupils from the school shared a PowerPoint Presentation with the audience. They spoke about the work they had completed to achieve the ‘Investors in Pupils’ award. They also spoke about several other groups working within the school to share ideas and opinions.
Lastly, St Julian’s presented. Children from Year 6 Voice Club shared their research with everyone. The first group shared their findings of an online questionnaire which had been completed by Key Stage Two pupils. Next, a group shared their ideas on how to improve attendance results in the school. Thirdly, an all boys research group explained the importance of boys reading. They have purchased boy friendly books for the book corners and completed a competition for the best book corner. Their next action is to start an ‘extreme selfie’ reading competition! Finally, a group gave their results from a questionnaire about homework. They hope to trial homework on the school website in September.
Can we say a big thank you to Sarah Morgan (Deputy Chief Education Officer), Councillor Deborah Davies, Lisanne Saladino (Participation Officer) and Rhys Cornwall (Partnership Officer) for attending the event.
Congratulation to all the schools. Mrs Orford and Mrs Robinson are very proud of all the children and ideas they have shared. Well done!
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