Goodbye Mrs Griffiths

Today is a sad day for us at St. Julian’s Primary, as we say ‘goodbye’ to Mrs Griffiths who is starting a new job. Mrs Griffiths joined the school in 2009, to work in our Foundation Phase office. Many of you will know her as the the friendly face who greets visitors as they arrive at the school, or the cheerful voice at the end of our telephone. Over the last six years, Mrs Griffiths has served the school incredibly well, turning her hand to whatever jobs need doing. She always has a smile on her face and has been a valued part of the team, here.

Today, to show our appreciation to Mrs Griffiths, we held a special assembly in our Foundation Phase to thank Mrs Griffiths for her hard work over the years. As she was called into the hall for assembly, she grabbed a box of tissues from her desk, anticipating that there may be a few tears! Mr Rees asked the children to give a round of applause as she sat on a ‘throne’ which had been positioned on the stage.

Pupils from Year 2 then read out some sentences about Mrs Griffths, thanking her for ‘looking after them when they scrape their knees’ and ‘being so helpful and caring’. As the sentences were read out, Mrs Griffiths started to make use of the box of tissues she had brought with her! The children read their sentences extremely well and had written incredibly thoughtful things.

They all the children performed a ‘Goodbye’ song which they had written for Mrs Griffiths…

We will be sorry to see Mrs Griffiths go and will miss her tremendously. We wish her all the best in her new job.

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