Ready, Steady, Cook with Chartwells

On Friday 17th November we were very lucky to receive a visit from Chartwells, the providers of our school meals, who came to host an incredibly fun ‘Ready, Steady, Cook’ style challenge for the children in year 2 to year 5. They showed us a variety of ingredients and talked to the children about different food groups on the healthy plate which encourage a balanced diet.

There were 2 teams – the red team and the green team, a member of staff was chosen to be on each team and children were chosen to help out in the kitchen. They worked as a team to choose their carbohydrates, their fruit and vegetables and their protein and then had 15 minutes to create their delicious dish!

Throughout the cooking, children were chosen to come up and comment on how well they thought the teams were doing and which team’s dish smelled the best. Once all dishes were complete, members of the red and green teams chose children to come up and sample the food they had made before the audience decided on the winning team.

All children did the majority of the preparation and we were so impressed with their chopping skills and organisation in the kitchen! The meals that were made in 15 minutes were incredible and showed a great amount of effort and creativity.

A big diolch yn fawr to Chartwells for taking the time to host the incredible challenge for the children and for sharing so much knowledge with us. The children were provided with a valuable and memorable learning experience and I think we may have a few budding chefs on our hands!

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