Reception Summer A Update

‘Dyma fi’ has been Reception’s theme this term.  We have been learning about ourselves and where we live.

We had a fabulous time on our bus tour around Newport looking at all of Newport’s famous landmarks such as Tredegar House, Caerleon amphitheatre, and Newport Castle. Sitting at the top of the bus gave us a fantastic view and it was amazing fun! 

We have been looking at maps of our local area and learning about the different kinds of buildings that we all live in such as flats, houses and bungalows. We also took a walk around our local area to identify roads, buildings and landmarks near our school.

We’ve been on a bug hunt and collected data on the different kinds of bugs we collected and we built bug hotels to encourage more bugs to visit our forest school!

We’ve learned about our bodies and how they work.  We really enjoyed creating ‘Funny Bones’ pictures using paper straws.

We have been finding out about people who help us in our everyday lives from our very own caretaker Mr. Thain to police officers and firefighters. 

Of course we must mention our preparations for the Coronation Party in true st. Julian’s style! We made lots of colourful decorations, delicious food! We had a really good time!

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