School Council Elections

Not only was today the day for the European Elections, it was also the day for our School Council elections. At 9:30 this morning, children from throughout the school gathered in the school hall to listen to all of the candidates present their manifestos, explaining what they would do for their fellow pupils, if they were elected. Mr Rees began by explaining the importance of voting and how parliamentary elections work. Mrs Watkins then introduced each of the candidates and invited them onto the stage, one by one, to win over their peers. All sorts of promises and suggestions were made, including: buying a chocolate fountain for the school, changing the school-dinner menus to include steak, ribs and BBQ chicken, having regular ‘wear your pyjamas to school’ days, and even buying pet lizards or parrots for each class, which could be taken home by a pupil every Friday (extremely popular with the voters!) All 29 candidates, from year 5, did a brilliant job of presenting in front of their peers, and each one had a huge round of applause after they spoke.

Upon leaving the hall, children were given their ballot papers and asked to circle the picture of the candidate they would most like to represent them on the school council. The votes were extremely close, but after some careful counting, Mr Rees announced the new winning candidates during assembly at the end of the day. Oliver, Lauren, Caitlin and Louie have now become the newest school councillors and will begin their new role in September. During the final half term, they will spend time getting to grips with their various responsibilities and shadowing the existing Y6 councillors, who they will be replacing.

Mrs Watkins leads the school council, which consists of two pupils from Y3, four pupils from Y4, two from Y5 and six pupils from Y6. They are responsible for coming up with ideas to improve our school and regularly meet with Mr Rees and the management team, to present their ideas.

We look forward to seeing our new councillors in action, next year! Well done to everyone who presented today! You were all excellent!


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