Super Ambassador Training 2018


The Super Ambassadors have had a very busy day today. They attended training at the Wales Millennium Centre and can’t wait to share it with everyone in assembly tomorrow.

The Ambassadors were very excited in the car, on the way to Cardiff, and couldn’t wait to meet Sally Holland – Children’s Commissioner for Wales. As soon as we arrived they were fortunate to see Sally in the corridor. The Super Ambassadors ran up to her and introduced themselves. There was time for a quick photo and then we were all asked to meet in a large room.

After playing a few games, to get to know each other, the workshops started. Sally and her team introduced the missions the Super Ambassadors would be delivering back at school. They were given time to discuss each mission and write down ideas to support each mission. They had lots of opportunities to look at the different rights and how they fit in at St Julian’s Primary School. They discussed the ‘rights’ they felt were most important to them and explained why.

The Super Ambassadors are looking forward to adding ‘rights’ labels around the school and to embedding the ‘rights’ during monthly assemblies. They are so proud to be elected, by VOICE club, to be your Super Ambassadors and they can’t wait to start their first mission.

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