This is Me! (Year 1 – Autumn A)

Year 1 have had a fantastic half term and have enjoyed learning through our theme ‘This is Me!’

We started off the half term celebrating ourselves, our similarities and our differences. We thought about how we are all unique and that’s what makes us great! Our topic has led us to look at and think about what makes a great community. We enjoyed a sunny walk around our local community and drew amazing maps of buildings you can find on Beaufort Road! 

During our Science and Technology lessons we have learned about our five senses and we can now name them all! We have also loved using the Chromebooks this half term to go on Nessy and Bugclub.

In our Expressive Arts lessons we have looked at two very different artists. We created fruit and vegetable faces like Giuseppe Arcimboldo and drew houses and landmarks of Newport in the style of Susie Grindey. We have also been busy remembering and practising all our Welsh phrases and can tell you who we are, how we are, where we live and how old we are!

We were very lucky to have a video call with Mr. Morgan, the dentist, who helped us to learn about how important it is to keep our teeth healthy. We counted how many teeth we have, designed our own toothpaste and toothbrushes and sorted foods into 2 groups; which would be harmful to our teeth and which wouldn’t. 

During October’s Black History Month we learned about Betty Campbell who was Wales’ first black head teacher. We then had the opportunity to share our aspirations for the future and discussed jobs that we would like to have when we are older. 

We have made the most of the lovely Autumn sunshine and have spent many maths lessons outside! We have used natural objects to make our own number lines and we even went on a 2D and 3D shape hunt around the school to count how many different shapes we could see.

We have had a brilliant first half term back in school and are now looking forward to our new topic ‘Truly Scrumptious’ after a well deserved break!

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