To Infinity and Beyond … (Year 2)

This term we have journeyed beyond the Earth’s atmosphere to explore the galaxy for our theme ‘To Infinity and Beyond…’ The children asked a range of questions at the start of the topic and we have been answering them through our theme lessons. In Science and Technology and Humanities we found it very interesting researching what an astronaut suit looks like as this was one of the questions from Class 4. We looked at what astronauts eat in space and tasted freeze-dried ice-cream and decided that it tasted really good and actually very much like real ice-cream. We also looked at why astronauts need to be fit and healthy and created a healthy meal for an astronaut. We researched female astronauts and important females in NASA. Lots of children wanted to find out who the first person on the moon was so we looked at the first moon landing and researched the first astronauts to visit the moon. Some children wanted to know what stars look like close up so we looked at the different types of stars and completed a key. We logged onto HWB and completed a block chart for our favourite planet. We had lots of fun exploring how the Earth moves around the sun and made our own stop motion animation to explain how we have day and night. Mr Mansfield took year 2 onto the field to launch rockets and look at how they work. We have loved investigating light and heating and cooling during our practical science lessons.

We have completed some wonderful artwork in Expressive Arts this half term. We worked as a team to make paper mache planets, this was very fun but very messy! We loved learning about Van Gogh and looked at ‘Starry Night 1889.’ We made a collaborative ‘Starry Night’ by completing a small part of the picture using a range of mediums then we put them all back together to make a final picture. The following week we looked closely at the texture, line and colour in ‘Starry Night 1889’ and created our own version of a Starry Night in the style of Van Gogh.

Music lessons have been brilliant fun as we’ve been listening to Holst’s ‘The Planets’ and comparing different movements listening to dynamics, tempo and timbre. We compared Venus and Mars and created a pictorial score for Mercury. In Languages, Literacy and Communication we have thoroughly enjoyed reading and retelling Whatever Next! and Alien Invasion! We created a non-fiction booklets about all of the planets to put on our theme display and in our book corners. We have been trying very hard with punctuation and spelling. In Welsh we have recapped on familiar language patterns to describe ourselves and others. In Mathematics and Numeracy we have been recalling on number sequences, place value, adding a single digit number to a 2 digit number, doubling and halving.

In Health and Well-being we have discussed our SEAL theme New Beginnings and listened to stories and talked about how the characters felt in the stories. We have been going outside in our lovely school grounds for tennis this half term and have been building up to playing an actual game of tennis in groups.

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