VE Day Party

Pupils in Years 5&6 have been studying World War 2 as their theme for this term. To celebrate the end of the theme, we held a V.E. day party in our school hall, today. Year 5’s party was in the morning, Y6’s was this afternoon. Parents and grandparents came to join in too! Children spent the week making cakes with war-time recipes. They weighed and measured out the ingredients, converting between imperial and metric units of measurements. It was a non-uniform day for the rest of the school but Y5&6 dressed in war time clothing; some came as evacuees, some as soldiers, some as factory workers. They ate their war-time cakes and also ate authentic war-time food: Fishpaste sandwiches, Jam Sandwiches, Spam Sandwiches and homemade carrot soup.

We had a war time quiz where pupils, parents and grandparents got into teams and answered questions about WW2. We sang war-time songs such as ‘Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag’. We made paper chains and hung up union jack flags. Some of the children presented their PowerPoint presentations about WW2, to the parents. We played war time games with cards, hoops and had a potato and spoon race.
It was a great day!

Thanks to all the parents and grandparents, who came along!

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