What a fantastic way to start the day! This morning, we had a ‘Walking Bus’ to school. For those who don’t know what a walking bus is… Basically, members of our staff, along with officers from the Gwent police, met our pupils at two points near the school. They then all walked to school, together as a group.

One group met at the bottom of Beaufort Road and the other group met at the bottom of Firbank Avenue. Each group was lead by two officers from the Gwent Police. We’re grateful to all the parents and pupils who joined our walking buses along the routes.

Miss Dowsell and Miss Burgum were the organisers of today’s Walking Bus. After recently holding a ‘Healthy Living Week’, we wanted to encourage parents and pupils to walk to school. Often, the road outside the school can become very congested, so walking to school really helps to cut down the amount of traffic. (Please avoid parking on the yellow or zig zag lines, outside the school)

PC Madley, our school liaison officer, and his colleagues, thoroughly enjoyed leading their groups and did a wonderful job ensuring the children crossed the roads safely. Along the route, pupils loved chatting to him about his job. Mrs Orford also thoroughly enjoyed the walk up Beaufort Road, although needed a push from Mr Mansfield to get her up the final part of the hill!

Thanks to the Gwent Police Officers, who walked with us this morning.

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