Y4 Boulders Climbing Centre Visit

We are so proud of the children today – they really showed off their adventurous spirit and it was a fantastic way to end our theme this term.

When we arrived each group was led by a specialist climbing instructor who fitted the children up with safety harnesses. During each child’s ascent, the rest of the group were shown how important it was to work as a team to help their team member climb the wall safely. A safety rope was attached to the child’s safety harness and as the child scaled the wall, their safety rope was carefully pulled by their team to reduce the slack as the child climbed further. The children understood that a tight grip on the safety rope would save the child climbing if their foot slippped. A big thank you to the staff at Boulders who were very patient with all the children, carefully explaining what they needed to do and encouraging reluctant climbers to take that first step.

Throughout the morning’s adventure, the children tirelessly scrambled, clambered, shinnied and scaled up numerous walls – some gentle ascents that slopped, others that were vertical and for the intrepid adventurer there were walls that angled outwards. Every child successfully conquered their own fears and challenged themselves to achieve greater heights! Well done Y4.

Enjoy watching Miss Shepherd’s video of the morning!

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