Year 2 Summer term B Update

It has been a busy half term in Year 2! Our topic this half term has been ‘In a World of Pure Imagination’ where we have studied the Welsh author Roald Dahl and read a selection of his wonderful books.

One of our favourite books was ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, mainly because we all LOVE chocolate! After reading the book we decided that we wanted to make our very own chocolate bars. We had the opportunity to research, design, create and evaluate our own chocolate bars with a partner. As part of our research we visited the local shop to look at chocolate bar prices and bought a chocolate bar each. We taste tested a range of chocolate bars to see which ingredients we liked the most and also looked at their packaging. After a lot of research we started to design our bars, think of names and make the packaging. We also had the opportunity to record adverts for our chocolate bars on Apple Macs in the newly completed Computer Suite, which was a lot of fun. Once the bars were set and all the hard work was over, it was time to enjoy them! We invited our families to come into school and watch our adverts and selling speeches and of course taste what we had made.

To complete our exciting theme this half term we finished with a ‘Roald Dahl Day’. The children and staff in Year 2 came dressed as Roald Dahl characters for the day. It was a lovely day and the children looked fantastic! We had a drama workshop with ‘Altru Drama’, a Roald Dahl trail and party games and refreshments on the school field. The workshop gave the children an opportunity to act out a scene from ‘The Twits’ and our party games included pin the tail on the fox, lucky dip, finding the golden egg, skittles, a ‘make your own drinks station’ and of course the popular chocolate fountain!

During the half term the children were also lucky enough to work with ‘Upbeat Music’ where they used African drums to learn a song. We also made some delicious fruit smoothies which were sold from the Foundation Phase hatch at the start of the term.

In amongst all the excitement we also found time to participate in the Creative Festival. Each class were given a different decade to focus on, the children came together and all performed their parts brilliantly as well as learning 2 whole school songs which I think you’ll agree sounded wonderful when sang!

Thank you for all your support this half term, we are very proud of all the children!

The Year 2 team.   

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