What a fantastic start to the academic year we have had! All of the children have settled in so well to year 3.

So, as we reach the midway point of the first term, it’s time for an exciting update on our thrilling time-travel adventure through the Celts and Romans.

Our half-term began with immersive virtual workshops that transported us to the worlds of the Celts and Romans. We delved into the daily lives of the Celts and tried to recreate our own roundhouses, firstly using natural materials and then we discovered the magic of using a 3D printer to recreate their iconic roundhouses.

In the Roman workshops, we ventured into the heart of their lives, exploring grand feasts and the tough world of slavery.

The past few weeks have been filled with hands-on activities that have made history come alive. In our first Discover and Do session of the year, we crafted some fantastic mosaic coasters, designed shields inspired by Roman soldiers, and curated our very own Roman dinner party menus – fit for emperors and empresses!

In the virtual world of Minecraft, we donned our architect hats and constructed grand Roman amphitheatres and soothing Roman baths. This exercise revealed the marvels of Roman engineering.

Our close encounters with history continued as we meticulously studied and measured Roman artefacts, feeling connected to the past as we held these ancient relics in our hands.

In art, we have used our amazing observational skills to sketch mini pumpkins that we displayed in our whole school Harvest Festival.

The pinnacle of our half-term was an unforgettable school trip to Roman Caerleon. Here we immersed ourselves in history, exploring the Roman Baths, experiencing the grandeur of the Amphitheatre, inspecting the Barracks, and uncovering the treasures in the museum. The highlight of the trip most definitely was learning to march and battle like true Roman soldiers – it really was like stepping back in time.

We have had a very busy but fantastic first half term in year 3 and we cannot wait for the second half of the term, which promises even more exciting adventures in history.

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