For our final half-term, we have continued delving into the enchanting world of rainforests! We’ve been captivated by the lush greenery, diverse wildlife, and incredible biodiversity found in these fascinating ecosystems. To enhance our understanding, we embarked on an exciting field trip to Plantasia in Swansea, a botanical paradise right on our doorstep.

At Plantasia, we had the chance to walk through a stunning recreation of a rainforest environment. We marvelled at towering trees, vibrant flowers, and were captivated by the exotic creatures. It was an immersive experience that transported us into the heart of a real rainforest, and wow, was it hot! We observed different layers of the rainforest, from the emergent trees to the forest floor, and learned about the incredible interdependence of its inhabitants.

A Magical Metamorphosis

In our classrooms, we witnessed a mesmerizing transformation as we watched caterpillars go through their metamorphosis, turning into beautiful butterflies. It was an awe-inspiring journey that left us in awe of nature’s wonders. We carefully observed their growth and development, providing them with a suitable environment and nourishment. Finally, the day came to release our vibrant butterflies into the world, knowing they would contribute to pollination and continue the circle of life.

In our computer science sessions, we’ve been on coding adventures with the help of Sphero robots. To make our learning even more exciting, we created 3D rainforest mazes using recyclable materials. With the Sphero robots, we coded and manoeuvred our way through these mazes, simulating the challenges faced by creatures in the rainforest. It was a thrilling exercise that merged technology, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

As part of our science lessons, we recently looked into the world of plants. To explore their growth and the ideal conditions they need, we took on an exciting STEM project. We built our own mini wooden greenhouse, complete with transparent walls. We learned about the importance of sunlight and the role of water in a plant’s life. It was a hands-on experience that ignited our curiosity and fostered a love for scientific inquiry.

Our immersion day on rainforests began with an explosion of creativity as we engaged with LEGO WeDo kits, bringing to life our very own glowing snails. These luminous creatures, crafted from LEGO bricks and illuminated by LED lights, showcased the enchanting beauty of rainforest life.

Continuing our artistic endeavours, we designed and made rainforest badges, incorporating vibrant colours and iconic rainforest motifs. Inspired by the mesmerizing creatures that inhabit rainforests, we explored our artistic skills further by creating snake art. Additionally, we crafted rainforest animal masks, allowing us to temporarily transform into our favourite rainforest inhabitants. Tigers, monkeys, and parrots came to life as we embraced the spirit of these remarkable creatures.

Through art, technology, exploration, and culinary delights, we celebrated the magnificence and urgency of rainforest conservation. To expand our understanding of rainforest resources, we took part in a thrilling bush tucker trial. Guided by experts, we sniffed and identified a variety of foods that grow abundantly in rainforests. From exotic fruits and nuts to unique herbs and spices, our taste buds danced to the melodies of tropical flavours

We were also very lucky to have Boris the Tortoise, join us for the day, (thanks to Lili and her parents)  and we honed our observational drawing skills, capturing the intricate details of Boris and his environment. It really was a fantastic day!

In preparation for the next academic year, we had the pleasure of meeting with the Year 2 pupils. We shared our experiences and told them all about Year 3, offering glimpses into the exciting adventures that await them. It was a great opportunity to calm any nerves and build excitement, making their transition to the next year a smoother and more enjoyable process. We were so proud of the year 3 children as they did a fab job as always.

As a grand finale to our rainforest theme and to share our newfound knowledge and creativity, we invited parents to our Rainforest Showcase. The children had worked so hard on the nature documentaries they made themselves, astounding us all with facts on rainforest animals. As a sweet treat, we baked delicious banana and chocolate chip muffins, which everyone enjoyed while out in the sunshine in the Forest School area. The highlight of the event was the Rainforest Quiz, where the children and their parents competed to become the honorary King or Queen of the rainforest. It was a joyous celebration of learning and collaboration.

As your wonderful children’s time in year 3 comes to an end, we reflect on the incredible memories we’ve created together.  We are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of their educational journey and are excited for what lies ahead for them in Year 4. Thank you, parents, for your support, we hope you all have a wonderful Summer. Take care and stay safe. 

Miss Rawlings, Miss Thomas and Miss Millett.

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