It’s incredible to think about the impact the Vile Victorians had on shaping our future, from Industrialisation to setting up charitable organisations. Through our theme, children have learned how kindness and compassion can change people’s lives and offer them a brighter future. After reading Street Child, the children realised Jim Jarvis was more than just a fictional character and was a huge influence on Dr Barnardo. In fact, the children went on to create their own videos to persuade parents to donate to this important charity. In our digital Mac suite, the children learned how to use different tools in iMovie with the help of Miss Shepherd. Check out Class Dojo story to see their amazing videos.

The children even experienced life in a Victorian school where they had the opportunity to dress up as a Victorian child. On entering the classroom, the children were greeted by their formal teacher, who carried out a hand inspection and took them though a drill before learning the 3Rs. Everyone had to address the teacher as ‘Ma’am’ and speaking Welsh was not allowed! 

During our theme, children used historical evidence to understand how tough life was in Blaenavon – The Iron Town, and the hardships families experienced trying to make ends meet. As teachers, we also felt it was important for children to understand some of the economic difficulties we face today. In maths, the children discussed household finance, the difference between wants and needs; spending and saving. We were very impressed by the children’s understanding and how clearly they expressed their own opinions using our Talk Tactics.   

It’s been wonderful to see the children so immersed in exploring different drawing styles and painting techniques. Following our trip to Big Pit, the children took inspiration from a contemporary Welsh artist, Katherine Jones, as well as a twentieth century artist, L.S. Lowry, to draw and paint urban and industrial landscapes.

I think you will agree, Year 5 have worked super hard this half term and have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the wealth of experiences given to them. We would like to wish you all a wonderful, Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing the children’s excited faces again in the New Year.

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