Year 5 Cracking Ideas Bazaar

Today was the Year 5 Cracking Ideas Bazaar, a chance for pupils in Year 5 to showcase their businesses and try to convince as many customers as possible to part with their cash. Over the past half-term, they have worked in groups to set up their own businesses, come up with a product or service to sell and have even presented their business ideas in front of a team of ‘Dragons’ to secure extra funding.

The pupils spent the morning setting up their stalls and printing some last-minute posters and price lists. Then, at 1:15pm the first year group arrived in the hall ready to browse through the products and services on offer. Pupils from Years 3, 4 and 6 were allowed to bring up to £3 to spend at the Bazaar, and they really were spoilt for choice!

There was a doughnut business, a biscuit decorating business, a company selling magic wands, stress balls and slime, a company selling fruity chocolaty kebabs,  a fruit smoothie stall, a chocolate milkshake stall, a lucky dip stall and also lots of messy stalls with cream and foam! Mr Carter even got in on the action and allowed one business to rent him for the afternoon in order to charge people to throw wet sponges at him.

There were huge smiles all afternoon, from the customers and stall holders alike. Mr Mansfield thoroughly enjoyed the Cream Splat stall where he got to splat two pupils with a plate of cream… all for the bargain price of 50p! They weren’t the only ones getting messy though, as Mrs Dennis accidentally made the chocolate fountain explode all over herself!

Tomorrow, pupils will count up their takings and calculate their profit. Well done to all pupils and teachers who took part.

Watch a video of the afternoon here:

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