Year 5 Summer A Update

What a busy term we have had in Year 5! It’s been a whirlwind of exploration, creativity, and teamwork. This term’s theme, “Cracking Ideas,” introduced Year 5 students to the exciting world of entrepreneurship. Students learned the fundamentals of starting and running a business. They brainstormed innovative ideas, developed business plans, and even pitched these plans to the ‘Dragons’, to gain investment for their product. The highlight was the Eco Fair where students set up stalls and sold their products to teachers and peers. From cheese toasties, fresh fruit juices, frozen fruit lollies and oak milk smoothies, students came up with some brilliant (and very tasty) ideas this year. This hands-on experience not only sparked their creativity but also taught them valuable skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, and financial literacy. The budding entrepreneurs of Year 5 have shown remarkable ingenuity and enthusiasm, laying a strong foundation for future entrepreneurial endeavors. 

In an exciting enquiry, students explored the concept of sustainable milk and its environmental impact. Focusing on plant-based alternatives, they engaged in a hands-on activity to create their own oat milk. The process involved soaking oats, blending them with water, and then straining the mixture to produce fresh, creamy oat milk. Students decided to make this taste even better, by adding bananas and organic cocoa  powder, creating their very own smoothies! This practical lesson not only taught students about the benefits of plant-based milks but also highlighted the importance of reducing carbon footprints and supporting eco-friendly food choices. The activity was a hit, sparking lively discussions about sustainability, nutrition, and the small steps everyone can take towards a greener lifestyle. The homemade oat milk tasting session was a delightful conclusion, with students proud of their sustainable creation.

This term, Year 5 students also embraced their inner gardeners, both inside and outside of the classroom. Students had the opportunity to learn more about sustainable farming, by coding their own greenhouses to grow a selection of sprout seeds in their classrooms. Students were responsible for planting and caring for a variety of vegetables, including tomatoes, cress, broccoli, radish and lettuce. This allowed us to observe the early stages of growth and learn more about the conditions plants need to thrive. Meanwhile, in the school polytunnel, students took on the challenge of maintaining a larger garden space, working together to water, weed, and monitor the plants’ progress. We hope that next term, these will be ready for us to eat! This hands-on project not only taught them about how we can be more self-sufficient, but also instilled a sense of responsibility and teamwork. 

In Maths, students have made impressive strides in their understanding of fractions, decimals, and percentages, and have explored how these concepts interrelate and apply to real-world situations. Using visual aids like fraction counters and place value grids students built a strong conceptual foundation. They practiced converting between fractions, decimals, and percentages, enhancing their numerical fluency and problem-solving skills. Students were also able to apply their knowledge in practical scenarios as part of their theme “Cracking Ideas”, such as calculating discounts during a shopping activity or determining the fraction of ingredients needed for a recipe. This comprehensive approach not only solidified their mathematical skills but also boosted their confidence in using these essential concepts in everyday life.

This term, students also took part in a Discover and Do, engaging in activities such as using Tinkercad to design new and exciting inventions to solve current problems, working with clay to create Aardman studio inspired characters and making compostable plant pots to grow their very own cress seeds. Students also increased their understanding of currencies around the world, developing into Global Citizens!

Year 5 students also participated in an impactful workshop titled “Give Racism the Red Card,” aimed at promoting inclusivity and combating discrimination. The workshop provided a safe and engaging environment for students to discuss the importance of diversity and respect. Through interactive activities and thought-provoking discussions, students learned about the harmful effects of racism and the value of standing up against it. This experience was instrumental in fostering empathy, understanding, and a strong sense of social justice among the students, empowering them to become ethically informed citizens of Wales. 

Thank you to all the parents who have supported and encouraged our students every step of the way this term! Here’s to more exciting adventures and discoveries in the future!

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