Year 6 Summer A Update

As you know, the theme for Year 6 this more recently has been War and Peace, with a particular focus on World War II before the half-term break. During this half term, our focus shifted to ‘Peace’ as we delved into the vibrant era of the 1960s. The stark contrast in people’s lives during that time was truly remarkable. After years of struggle and sacrifice, individuals finally had the means to indulge in clothing, holidays, and new technologies. Additionally, we explored the growing environmental awareness and the profound impact of industrialisation on communities like Aberfan.

In addition to our exploration of the 1960s, we also delved into the history of the Windrush Generation. We learned about the invaluable contributions made by British citizens from the Caribbean in rebuilding Britain after the war. The children did a brilliant job at writing their own Windrush poems inspired by John Agard’s Windrush Child. 

One of the highlights of this half-term was the Goblin Greenpower IET race held at Renishaw Miskin. We proudly entered three cars from each Year 6 class: Speedy Lambor-greeni (Y6ES), Green Fly Machine (Y6KL), and Lugreeny (Y6JJ/HN). In our literacy lessons, we composed formal persuasive letters to secure sponsorships for our Top Gear-themed endeavour. Fortunately, our efforts paid off, and we extend our sincere gratitude to our supporters and sponsors, Tesco and SIEMENS. You can catch the highlights of the event here:

As part of our Top Gear theme, the children enthusiastically explored sustainable energy and formed race teams. They dedicated their time to building cars, wiring electronics, and designing the bodywork. Each Year 6 class had the opportunity to craft their own car, preparing them for the thrilling competition against one another at the regional race day held at Renishaw, Miskin.

As well as this, we were very lucky to have a visit from Tata Steel. The children took part in an engaging workshop which covered how versatile steel is and how useful it is as a packaging material. They also considered the importance of recycling steel and how they as consumers can help the environment. 

This half term, we were fortunate to have Mr. Price and Mrs. Ceasar from St Julian’s Comprehensive School visit us. They kindly spoke to the children about transition, offering valuable insights. The children even had the chance to engage in a Q&A session with some of our past pupils who are now in Year 7, creating a meaningful connection between different stages of their educational journey.

Lastly, we’ve been diligently rehearsing for our Summer concert, ‘Matilda,’ with the help from Mr. Banks. The children are filled with excitement and anticipation as they can’t wait for everyone to watch their spectacular performance.

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