Year 6 Summer B Update

Key-Stage Two

Can you believe it? Our remarkable journey in primary school has reached its final chapter. As we bid farewell to the familiar halls and classrooms, it’s time to reflect on the incredible memories we’ve made throughout the year. 

This term was fueled by the theme of “When I Grow Up.” It ignited our imagination and opened doors to a world of possibilities. We brainstormed, discussed, and shared our dreams of becoming doctors, engineers, astronauts, artists, and so much more. This theme encouraged us to dream big and reinforced the idea that with determination and hard work, we can achieve anything we set our minds to. 

On Careers Day, our hall transformed into a bustling hub of professionals from all walks of life. We eagerly absorbed their knowledge, listened to their experiences, and asked countless questions. The day was an eye-opening adventure that allowed us to gain insights into different careers and industries. We discovered the skills and qualifications required for each profession and began to shape our aspirations with newfound clarity. We would like to thank our visitors for giving up their time to come into school and talk to us. 

Sports Day was an exhilarating experience that brought out the athlete within each of us. We sprinted, jumped, and cheered our hearts out. Whether we were the fastest runners or cheered from the sidelines, we all contributed to the atmosphere that filled our sports field. 

The Llangrannog residential trip will forever hold a special place in our hearts. We ventured into the great outdoors and embraced thrilling adventures. From rock climbing to zip lining, we challenged ourselves and discovered new strengths we never knew we had. We created everlasting memories, strengthened our friendships, and developed our independence. 

The curtains rose for our grand finale, the End of Year Matilda Concert. We danced, sang, and acted our hearts out, bringing Roald Dahl’s beloved characters to life on stage. The concert was a testament to our creativity, teamwork, and dedication. It was a moment to shine under the spotlight, and we did so with enthusiasm and confidence. The applause from our families and friends filled the room, making it a memory we will forever cherish. 

We visited our new comprehensive schools on Transition Day with a mixture of excitement and nerves. Our experiences in primary school have nurtured us, providing us with the skills and resilience needed to face any challenge that comes our way. We carry the friendships we’ve formed and the lessons we’ve learned, and we approach this new chapter with open hearts and eager minds.

Finally we would like to thank all parents who attended the graduation ceremony during the last week of term. All our St Julian’s Primary community wish them all the best as they move into Year 7. Goodbye and pob lwc Year 6. You will be missed! 

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