Dojo Mystery Trip Spring 2019

This afternoon, we went on a fantastic Mystery Trip to Beechwood Park. Pupils are rewarded Dojo points for good behaviour and good work. VOICE club open the Dojo shop on a fortnightly basis and children can spend their Dojo points on different items. To attend the Mystery Trip, you need to collect 400 points.
We couldn’t believe how lucky we were when the sun came out at lunchtime today. Mrs Orford, Mr Mansfield and Mrs Griffiths walked with the pupils to the park. When we arrived at the park, the children took it in turns to play in the park and play football on the AstroTurf. Some of the children were more daring than Mrs Orford and loved hanging from the bars and spinning around on the different play equipment. Mr Mansfield had a game of 4 a-side football with some of the pupils. I’m not sure who was more exhausted at the end!! Before it was time to leave we all had hot chocolate and marshmallows. At this point the children could’ve done with an ice lolly more than a hot chocolate. The children were so well behaved and said it was one of the best trips they’ve been on!!  No pressure for the summer Mystery Trip!

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