Y2 Pupils Perform at Dance Festival

Fifteen Year 2 children have been working really hard this term to learn a dance to perform at the Newport Dance Festival. This year, the Dance Festival required each dance group to select one of the 17 Global Goals as a theme. These include an end to poverty, hunger and ensuring a quality education for all. After much deliberation and discussion, it was decided that we would like to represent the global goal of ‘Gender Equality’. We talked about what this meant and came up with the idea of celebrating influential female musical icons through the ages. We selected feel good songs by Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner and Little Mix for a musical mashup! We spent 6 weeks rehearsing our routine and couldn’t wait to get on the bus to go to our dress rehearsal on Tuesday. We sang all the way there and were amazed by the size of the stage and the humongous glitter ball when we arrived!! The rehearsal went so well that we couldn’t wait to perform it for our parents and teachers that night. We arrived for our performance in our costumes and slicked back hair and waited patiently for our turn to perform. We were the youngest dance group of the night and when our nominated speaker went out to introduce our dance, she couldn’t reach the microphone! After a little readjustment, the crowd cheered us on and clapped the whole way through. We couldn’t stop smiling and it was definitely the best we had ever danced before!! We came off the stage full of adrenaline and excitement and asked if we could do it all again! Our teachers and parents were SO proud of us and now we can’t wait to show all of our friends back at school too!

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