Programming in Primary School (Part 1)


This course anticipates the forthcoming curriculum changes in Wales, which are likely to introduce Coding and Programming into the new Programmes of Study.

Course Outline:

-Introduction to Programming and why it will form part of the new PoS.
-What will the new PoS look like?
-A look at the new EAS Skills Ladder
-A programming Journey? How it looks from FP to KS2
-Fun and exciting activities to introduce programming concepts, without computers
-Demystify scary vocabulary and look at key concepts
-Demonstration of range of iPad apps which support programming concepts
-Impact of Programming, on learners

Suitable for: 

  • Foundation Phase Teachers
  • Key Stage 2 Teachers
  • Teaching Assistants
  • ICT Coordinators / 21st Century Learning Coordinators

Session Length:

Full Day 9:30am – 3:00pm

Lunch Provided:



Luke Mansfield – Deputy Headteacher

Event Outcomes:

As a result of this programme, attendees/participants will:

– Gain a range of ideas for developing pupils’ programming skills
– Understand how to integrate ‘Programming’ into existing schemes of work.
– Gain a range of resources to support the teaching of programming skills
– Be confident in using a range of methods and apps to teach programming skills
– Understand key concepts and vocabulary associated with programming and gain ideas for teaching these to pupils in simple, fun and engaging ways.

As a result of this programme, learners in school will:

– Develop programming skills in line with the new curriculum proposals
– Improve problem solving, perseverance and resilience in an exciting and motivating learning environment


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